Does anyone feel "slowed down", lethargic and depressed on AP meds?

Before I was on AP meds and when i came off i felt more clear headed and more “alive”. Is there way to lessen the side effects of AP meds?

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Yes, i feel like that. Its a reason i didnt want to be on meds. My only solution is to be on as low a dose of meds as possible without going crazy. I accept i have some symptoms at times. It is a trade off.


Were you not psychotic, delusional and hallucinating?

Meds are much better than that if that’s the alternative. I definitely can’t say things were better.

Things were also bad on lower doses. I have to take a high dose.

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I am slowed down. I take a high dose of antipsychotics and when I’m not taking it I feel like a human not zombie

Vraylar helps with those things you mentioned. Other APs like risperdal and abilify were worse. I believe they caused or worsened my symptoms. They help with some things though.

I’ve been on high dosages too. They tried to medicate the matrix belief out of me…

I think one doctor wanted to put me on 30mg of abilify because I couldn’t tell if things were real.

I’ve been on 2 and 3 APs at a time and almost died literally of NMS. Its caused by little to no dopamine in the brain.

Vraylar helps with my mood and positives. And sort of with my thoughts. I want to go down to 3 mg because I think I could study better.

Vraylar is like a stimulant for me. It makes me feel normal. I had some anxiety in the beginning but it normalized.

I never hallucinated. I’ve been delusional and very paranoid though.

Sometimes I doubt if I’m even psychotic or ever have been. My former doctor said this but then later retracted after I became paranoid. I was paranoid in the mental hospital in 2015. Really bad. Some guy said I’m dead or a dead man. That was just the tip of the iceberg imo.

My paranoia was bad though.

When I was off meds, I thought I was being targeted. I think that’s common. I thought it was remote electronics/microwaves/etc. targeting my brain.

I don’t really feel slowed down on my current meds. But i have in the past. I think when i first was diagnosed and got into all this i was overmedicated. Like @anon73478309 said, i think being on the lowest dose that still works for you is the key.

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I feel slowed down and never found something that could help me. It seems my brain is always struggling to become present and understand what people says.