Anyone on Vraylar?


How do you like it? What dose are you on?

I’m on 6 mg. How do I reduce my dose? I want to go back to 3mg. Or maybe get off of it completely.


What would you switch to? Are you having any symptoms?


I want to lower it to 3 mg or stop APs altogether --at least for a while.

Since they increased my AD, I’m more aware of my surroundings and illness. It’s making me depressed.

I had a rough therapy appointment. I live in a low income area, and I’m stuck changing diapers and lifting my grandfather.

My parents love me and want me to stay on meds.

The doctors won’t give me adderall.

I used to be a high achiever and I have cognitive disabilities because of my meds and illness.

I want an attractive girlfriend and I want to look attractive too.

I’m not happy. Vraylar works too well. Combined with sarcosine, and sodium benzoate, I have minimal positive symptoms. Ive been staying away from conspiracy theories.

Every time I bring up past lives or time travel, I look delusional. I remember being in parallel universes and it’s affecting my emotions. Ive been through hell.


My therapist said i have anti social traits. I told her I thought I had Aspergers and struggle with empathy and I used to want to be an investment banker. I told her I thought about being a psychiatrist. She said it wouldn’t be good if I struggle with empathy. She said to have realistic goals. I told her about being a Mathematician or building websites. She thinks I’m grandiose.