Does anyone else

Does anyone else here
get fingertip pain when you experience sad emotion
it’s like some electric shock from your fingertip through hand then wrist and then arm
like for a 1 - 3 second and your heart sink

and I want some topic like in reddit, that ask schizo folk
“does anyone else_____[fill the blank]”
is it possible? haha :sweat_smile:

You should accept the meds as an option.I think you are very tired of being without them.I don’t resend you,because you can’t be on good ones,but psychosis without meds is affecting your brain as well and causing damage.
Certainly there are some you can tolerate?

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Fingertip and toe-tip pain are neuropathic, usually from having too high blood sugar. It happens randomly, and it just so happens schizophrenics have a lot of sad emotions, so you mistakenly connect the dots.

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To zoa
Like you know why I can’t have good one
When I took cheap one I feel like I’m dying,
chest pain, and difficult to breathe, I have to lay down, and feel pain all the time I take meds, my psychiatrist told me to “try more it’s just pain” because they can’t help anything If I don’t have money
and I hate my therapist but I can’t change or stop they forced to take therapy (my mother also disagree because I cry everytime I talk to therapist)
and they won’t listen to me at all, I don’t know why I go every months for 7 years so I stopped

and my delusion does not bother me that much
sorry I write too long haha

I really want to take meds so It help with my OCD and help a little with my phobia
but It’s too painful

Thanks for your kindness and worry!

To naturallycured
I don’t really serious about it, I just want to make some does anyone else topic, to find relateable thing with people here, I want to feel connect(like I consider people here as comrade haha)
I don’t really link it with schizo don’t worry
but thanks for your information! I like knowledge!


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