Does anyone else have this feeling

Feeling like I belong somewhere else than the country I live in

Nope can’t say that I do.

I feel like I belong where I am. I was born and raised here. I lived out of state back in my 20’s, but came home in the early 1990’s when my SzA kicked in.

I’ve moved and lived in America from a life in Australia.

It’s hella fun to move and live in another culture but it’s so frigging expensive. I did it back in the early noughties and I’m still paying it off now.

So. I used to think I could escape my psychosis by moving countries. I actually told people I’d move to America. I actually did it a couple of years later when on meds…fun times.


Whooooaa I thought you were still in Australia. You did go back at some point right?

i had that feeling when i was younger… i even left the country when i was looking for where i belonged… ended up in canada, the UK and south korea… but now these days i feel at home in Belgium

Most definitely. My country is a hell hole

I have been fantasizing about living in Mexico for many years now and I’ve never taken the plunge. I am actually a dual citizen of both the US and Mexico so it would really be not as much of a problem as you would think.

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what country are you from?

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The Philippines

ah yea, you wanna move away from there? Or do you stay for your family maybe?

Both. I can’t make up my mind. I wanna move away in to some better cou try but I’ll miss my mom. Where u fr?

i’m from Belgium =) dunno if you know that.

Not really. We got 50 states. Wyoming seems nice. But I sort of think I belong in Norway or Canada with a family. But I rather not lol. I liked Germany growing up and wanted to live there and liked the culture and language, but Europe seems like a mess now.

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I don’t want the work of adjusting to a different country.

yea it is =D 151515

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Oh cool Belgium sounds like a really nice country to live in

i used to not like it but these days i feel good here… i get a lot of help disability wise so i’m glad to live here…

Do you get help there financially for mental health problems?

I thought I was part Polish until we did our ancestry and found out I’m part Belgian. Not sure what that means, but Belgium is known for waffles? lol.

Why not? It seems like a beautiful country with nice culture and hsiotry.

No. We don’t get help here. The hospitalization is personal and the meds too.