Does anyone else find it hard to interact with people?

I have schizophrenia along with autism and by the end of my work day I find I’m so tired just from trying to socialize with people. I’m currently in a career path to be a resident care worker and that means I take care of people who can’t take care of themselves. I really enjoy it, I just find it so hard to put all my energy into socializing. Honestly I find I struggle interacting with people my own age. I’m 21 and I hangout with seniors and people in their 40-50’s. I just find a calmness with them that I like. I don’t talk to much usually but I make it a goal to try and be social so I usually try my best. I also try to talk to other smokers at school when I am smoking which is a step. I wouldn’t say I’m to socially awkward though as people tell me if I didn’t tell them about my autism they wouldn’t ever know, even less know about my schizophrenia.


I get worn out by too much interaction. I get what I call a "people hangover " the next day if I’ve been to e.g. a family gathering.


That’s similar to what I feel and my job is all about human contact so I am always going to be tired by the end of the day it’s honestly why I game so much when I am home. Just so I can avoid human contact for a few hours.


I am happy just to survive.


That’s understandable. I use to be very anti social but I really push myself now


I’m not comfortable interacting with people in general but online I feel at ease because no eye contact. I have difficulty with eye contact I feel sometimes I stare but i don’t mean to stare just don’t know what to look at while talking to someone. Either I stare or my eyes dart around the room as if I’m net paying attention. Just uncomfortable at times. Awkward


I’ll be honest I do the exact same thing haha so no shame from me. I did a few classes though on how to communicate with people so they helped me some.

I live alone and I would like to have more human interaction, generally I like to talk with people, many people with whom I interact are ‘strange’, but I like my time to be alone, there are all kinds of people in this world …

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I get drained easily when I socialize with more than one person.
I easily become overwhelmed in crowded areas.
It’s good that you are pushing yourself @dannyboy6657!
Keep up the good work!


Extremely hard, like, beyond measure.
Online is much easier.
In real life, forget it.
I can barely work out a decent hello.
Thankfully I don’t typically have to say much more than that at my job, which is only part-time.
I don’t think I could do another job.
Many accommodations were made for me where I work because of how painfully hard it is for me to just even be around people, let alone interact with them.

I like to talk to people too. I do however prefer people older then me and I also prefer to talk to one person at a time unless they are very very close to me. I do however find being social draining.

I hate crowds…


I also like to talk with one person at a time, I have changed, back in the 1990s I used to go to companies in America and have presentations for many people, this illness has changed me a lot. When I say I interact with ‘strange’ people I mean that these people are often people with whom normal people have no interaction. I like to see people when I ride my bicycle.

@dannyboy6657 I like your avatar,your avatar makes you likable.
It is wonderful that you are able to hold down a job, I salute you.
Me my situation is poor and I’m happy just to survive.
I think that you can be grateful that you are able to hold down a job,
that’s a great thing, a thing others(like me) can only dream of.

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I hate that so many people can find their best joy from big get-togethers. I’m envious of them and also disappointed in myself that I can’t get that close to anyone due to that.

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Very difficult. I have an ASD diagnosis (namely PDD-NOS).

I have a very mild form of the disorder from what my psychiatrist (and one psychologist) told me.

I also have ASD, asperges’s or the Schizophrenic equivalent

is it most people with Schizophrenia or is it a subset?

Not sure. I’ve read that ASD and schizophrenia have a high comorbitiy rate with eachother.

“Does anyone else find it hard to interact with people?”

usually don’t interact because I find it a little unnecessary rather than hard.

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I am learning how to fix airplanes so I don’t have to have the best people skills. If airplanes make me delusional I may have to rethink my plan but so far they don’t seem to.

Dealing with people can definitely fuel my delusions.