Does anyone else deal with this?

Does anyone else feel like they are being watched by everyone while in public. Not necessarily negatively but thinking that everyone is looking at you and thinking about in good ways? It feels similar to erotomania. I’ve always dealt with this. No matter if I’m in a mall, a store even at the doctors office. I just wanna know what this is.

I feel watched in a bad way.
As if i am the center of everyone’s attention

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I feel monitored, watched, unwanted interference, controlled, harassed, followed, people trying to challenge my own opinions, views, authority and desicions in my life.
Pretty much Truman show, persecution delusion.type.

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Do you also have truman?
Are you the center of everybody’s attention?
There is a show for me

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I’m not on a TV show however I feel everyone knows my back story / life story lol and is interfering in my life and being angry/disapproving/non accepting at me.


I get this too, what do you take for it? I mean In the moment

Right now I’m on 20mg zyprexa, 30mg buspirone, 50mg lamictal and 75mg of effexor. Still have this happening and Lucifer delusion.

I feel like everyones attenion is on me whenever I’m out and about. Going to the gym is hard to handle but I mainly just power through.

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