Does anybody just sit there and do nothing

I run out of things to do, so I just sit there and do nothing. I do this for 30 minutes in a row, sometimes for an hour. I just stare into space.


No, but sometimes at night I end up just laying there and doing nothing while I’m trying to get to sleep. Otherwise, I’m on the forum or something at least.

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I do this too. I get wrapped up in thought all the time. It can be difficult to break myself away and do something tangible.


I use all my time watching TV except for twice a week when I have groups.


I get overwhelmed easily and sometimes I’ll lay on the couch and stare at the ceiling for some time.
No TV or music, just me zoning out.


Sometimes I just vape and stay in bed but not for long. Most of the time I am browsing the internet, listening to music, vaping and playing video games with friends.

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I rock in my recliner for hours at a time. I have no motivation to get going. Negative effects.

I sit in my recliner 90% of my day, zoning out mostly or doing absolutely nothing productive. I have no motivation. I don’t want to be around people anyway.

I’m embarrassed and ashamed to admit this but it’s part of the schizophrenia disease (negative symptoms) so I guess I shouldn’t feel that way. I think participating in this forum will help me. I don’t want to feel ashamed of having a schizophrenic disorder anymore.


Yea i do that too, i think its perfectly normal.

If you are going to do that, why not turn it into a meditation session?

Just close your eyes and focus on your breathing while sitting up straight. Everytime the mind wanders, let it and then return to the breathing.

It is worth it! :slight_smile:

Must be nice. I have a “honey do” list. Napping is only allowed if I’m sick. My wife keeps me busy if I’m not.

I do, but I let my mind wander. Sometimes I sit there with my mind blank though, just staring at the light from the window.

I do this all the time. If I do some activity like play games, watch movie, videos, do some work etc I often forget to stop it and I keep doing it for hours with no awareness of other things its almost like hyper focus which is hard to break… It occurs mostly in people who have catatonia.

i’m doing something most of the time i think… not much zoning out for me… but it happens, but not too often.

I get restless if not occupied.

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More often than I’d like to admit.

I went to bed early yesterday because I felt frustrated. Was just lying in bed frustrated for ages. I havn’t actually done anything but go on the web for like a few days now. I don’t even play games.

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I can fall into ruts like this for days, only doing what I absolutely have to around the house.

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