My schizophrenic friends

I had 2 schizophrenic friends, they’re twins. They have severe erotomania, one think that a random stripper he just met in a stripclub is in love with him, he brought her flowers and chocolate, she was like wtf when she looked at him. He didn’t even spoke with her and he tells me that she told him that he’s cute and that she wants to date him.

Their sz is much worse than all ppl here, they talk to their body parts like hands, they talk to themeselves and they even talk to walls and objects. They’re not mentally fit to talk on forums. I feel sad for them, I would have introduced this forum to them. I always say thank god that I am not like them.

I met them through my friends when I was on Abilify.

Yes. Even with newer meds some folk have more severe journeys with sz. It really is a serious disorder and it’s something we sometimes forget about. There’s always someone who is doing worse than you and that kind of perspective helps keep you grounded for sure.


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