Had a minor relapse, but I'm holding it together

I’ve been under undue stress lately, and I had to go back on a low dose of Haldol. It’s helping a lot. My voices were mostly just mumbling, and there was not much paranoia, but my thought disorder was acting up something fierce. I would be talking to someone or just thinking to myself, and it’s like the floor would fall out and someone applied the brakes. I lost my thought, and sat there empty-headed. Also suffered from some intrusive thoughts. Thankfully my meds are doing a fantastic job, and I’m still able to work and do daily things, 99.9% recovered.


Hey alien, I just found this post. I am glad you are doing better, sorry that you had a set back, but Haldol sounds like it really helps you. I am still going to mention Haldol to my doctor. Wishing you the best


I know you wanted to be med free, and you will again.

What ever is working, I’m glad your feeling better and still have your zest for life.

:thumbsup: :smiley: