Does anybody else dread doing little things

Does anybody dread doing little things, like brushing your teeth. and it seems like a big deal?



I am pretty bad about taking showers regularly and brushing my teeth regularly…
It doesn’t even make sense, such little things seeming like such big tasks.


Yep. The best advice I’ve ever seen about this is:

Anything worth doing, is worth doing poorly.

And truly, it’s helped me. Need to do the dishes but feel like it’s overwhelming? So a shitty job. It still gets done.

Need to brush your teeth but it feels like too much? Just use mouthwash instead. Or just use a wet toothbrush and no toothpaste.

Half-ass as much as you need.


Need a shower to go out in public? Baby wipes to the smelly bits and wash your hair in the sink.

Still too difficult? Wear a hat.

Need to eat but cooking seems like too much work? Start buying single serve microwave options. Frozen streamable bags of veggies have truly been a game changer for me. Pop ones if those in for 5 minutes, top with a bunch of cheese, simple healthy ish meal.

Need to clean but there’s just too much to do? Just pick up trash. Nothing else. Or just clean up the rotting food. Leave everything else for later.

Laundry is the one really hard one that I have zero advice for. It just really ■■■■■■■ sucks.


I haven’t put my sheets on my bed for about 3 weeks.

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Get flat sheets. Toss them on and lay on top. Fitted is for people with energy.


yes. if you have a partner it helps to shower with them or brush your teeth with them. or if you have a pet it helps to take care of yourself before taking care of them

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Yep i hate doing little stuff

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I have a hard time motivating myself to take showers and brush my teeth, too. It just feels like taking clothes off, doing the shower, drying, putting clothes back on… it’s hard to do but once I do I feel better immediately.

I have trouble keeping organized with them. You should see what my schedule looks like in Google Calendar.

I don’t remember which one, but there was an AP I took that made simple tasks seem monumental. I’m on Haldol now and better able to function

After about two decades of brushing my teeth it has become easy but showering is another thing. I like praise for doing little things but maybe praise for showering is counter productive.

Putting the rubbish out in the communal bins gets me. I just cant be arsed to walk the 3 flights of stairs below and walk across the courtyard to put it out.

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The whole idea of self hygiene and clean apartment is a big task, but I do it irregular and than I do it properly.

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