Does any1 feel like your psychotic experiences have impacted your thought patterns

They are so real and powerful that I still kind of believe what they were saying to me sometimes.

That I’m a waste of space. So cruel. That the world is better off without me.
And that I deserve to be suffering for eternity

You just need some time @anon90843118. After a while you will notice who you are, and realize a more accurate description of yourself compared to what the voices made you believe about yourself.


Do you have access to some kind of therapist? No one should have to live like that.


My therapist has put my therapy type under review for the possibility of something more intensive. So I’m on hold atm.

We are all damaged in some way or another. Don´t worry about it too much.

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I’m sorry you’re going through this right now, @anon90843118.

It sounds like you’ve internalized these false messages about yourself.

I hope you’ll be able to start up therapy soon so you can work through these feelings in a safe environment.


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Even more, negative symptoms, away from psychosis do damage our self-esteem by a lot. That feeling of social worthlessness…
I suggest to you (and to myself) exposure therapy, but it hurts.

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Thanks everyone, it’s really kind

Yeah it was 10 years ago, but I feel it has impacted me in the sense that I am ALWAYS so scared of it hapening again. It is friggin scary to feel my mind was not my own.


Guess I’m gonna have to live with some of the believes. Doesnt help me talking about it.

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My psychosis caused intrusive thoughts. So yes it did affect my thought patterns.

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