Got this message from a mental health forum today

"You are hurting yourself.
No one is hurting you but yourself.

Everything you’re afraid of has been made up by you. Isn’t it?

You should wake up from this bad dream. Come on."

I don’t agree with the entire message but I get what this person is saying.

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I had ‘delusions of persecution’ in spades when I was psychotic.

Turns out I was only responding to my own echo. In other words, I really was doing it to myself.

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Its like I say all the time I feel people hate me… but the reality is I feel that way because often times I don’t like myself a lot… so i feel they don’t either … but people don’t usually put that much energy into hating people

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It’s a bit harsh, but I see where they’re coming from.
You’re afraid of making friends in your country because you’ve been hurt in the past, and you often have emotional reactions to hints of stigma even if it isn’t directed at you because you convince yourself people will hate you.

I care for you deeply, and I wish you’d give yourself a chance to let other people love you.



Thanks for advise, Guys. Really helpful thread.

@Pikasaur @anon80629714 @anon39054230

Thanks so much everyone. I’ve been convinced that people will hate me but I might be wrong.
Maybe I’ll receive love someday if I continue to give.

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Hello @laetitia . The message you got is rubbish.
You are not responsible for having hostile intrusive thoughts.
The hostile thoughts are sent to you by hostile forces that I call objects.
However, an element of self responsibility exists also, as you can try to resist the hostile and intrusive
thoughts with a variety of methods.

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What are your methods again @Chess24?:blush:

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