Psychotic or just dramatic

Sometimes I look back at the time where I was psychotic and think was it really that bad or did I just have a good imagination and a dramatic way to tell others (including my therapist and doctor)what I was thinking and dreaming at the time. Do Any of you know that feeling where you question if you really are/was psychotic ?

My situation might have something to do with the meds that I’m on (olanzapine) I’m sick of being tired, depressed and fat as well and am wondering wheter I really need this ■■■■. Maybe I was just overreacting when I told my therapist and doctor of what I believed to be my reality back then. If I just haven’t been so dramatic then Maybe I wouldn’t be on the meds at all.

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i think i exaggerated my psychosis too

but i mustve been psychotic to have that kind of thinking

now its permanent tho, it doesnt go away.

im at fault im sure

but im not gonna dwell on it


Till this very day I still question whether some of the stuff I experienced was actually real and not part of psychosis.


I know the feeling from when I was delusional. And eventhough I know much of my thinking didn’t make sense I’m still like “but it wasn’t impossible either”

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For me, it’s a little bit of both and it took me a while 2 figure it out.


it was that bad.

at least for me.

I felt things too strongly and acted upon ideas I partly knew were imaginary but wished some of them were real. But some very real, strange things happened too. Part of being mad means you have to play the part?

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