Doctor rescheduled my appt

Originally had an appt for 18 April, but called and told them I didn’t think I could make it that long without med so they moved it up to 22 March, next Tuesday. It is such a relief. Also ordered sarcosine and have been trying supplements


Nice, glad they could bump you up. I know the feel. I’ve been waiting to get into to see my new pdoc for months now, and the appointment is tomorrow afternoon. Feels like I’ve been running a race from hell and am almost to the finish line.


I also had an appointment for the 18th of April but got reschedulled for the 20th.

Good luck @Turnip :upside_down:

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You did right. I get pretty strange when I don’t take my med’s. You’re a good example to me.

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It has been a nightmare, still don’t have an appetite, it seems like every second is an hour and everyday is exhausting and then when I do sleep, my body may be resting but my spirit is elsewhere. I can’t drink alcohol because that always made it worse, but I was so desperate, I tried other things to calm me which I haven’t done since 2000

I want to cry when I look aty sketchbook with all that’s happened. Thinking of throwing it in the garbage or getting buckles and straps to restrain it

some doctors are willing to work with you my old doctor that I saw in February his nurse made sure I had meds. I don’t know about this clinic, the doctor and the nurse are both new and they couldn’t move the appointment up until march 16th.
@Peace18 its good the doctor could move up the appointment, i’m sorry you aren’t feeling the greatest right now.

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Thank you, being able to visit this place has helped so much. Everyone is supportive and helpful. Sometimes, just being able to write something here offered momentary relief,