Doc app today went well

Itsvalmost been a year at this doc…I’ve gained healthy weight back…I was kinda skinny when I lost my mind…I make my Dr laugh about my crazy…

She upped my gapapinton and gave me pills for the one bad side effect from my ap…akanesha spelling is prolly wrong sorry…

Overall a good day spent good time with my gf and lil one…yea I feel good about life…I’m glad I found a good med combo…


How was everyone’s day?

Triple shits see how I engage the crowd at the end…I tricked them into a question very sneaky…

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did she give you cogentin? I got that when I was on prolixin for the akathesia

Yes I haven’t used it yet was gonna ask how it was

i felt it was necessary, the one time i didnt take it i got in the only car accident ive ever been in. it helps a lot.

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Cogentin worked well for me until it started causing me vision problems. Had to switch all my meds around then.

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Ok so its good…I’ll try it tomm…I don’t drive much anymore so I’ll be ok on that part…sorry bout ur accident…

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it was may of 2013…it was probably the girls fault for the accident but i was so zonked out of my mind that point in my life i didnt even argue…but if i had taken the cogentin i probably wouldve avoided it, i was backing out, she couldve stopped but she was speeding and probably not paying attention either.

I’ve been in 1 wreck…should a died…flipped a football field worth of space into an airport in Huntsville…got air violations in my Monte Carlo…wasn’t driving

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