Do your voices play songs in your head and wont stop

Do your voices play music in your head non stop as jokes or to prove a point?

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YES they do this frequently to send messages to me that only we (myself and the entities) would understand because of what they do to harass me day and night.

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Do they constantly make fun of you?

They manipulate my body and harass me. They call me a pig for eating and selfish for exercising. No matter what I do they make me feel like nothing I do is good enough. I can never escape them. They attack me in a multitude of ways in multiple nightmares every night also and upon awakening it’s straight back to having to listen to them. :weary:

Yeah they call me a pig to for other reasons but my friend made a good point that it’s none of their ■■■■■■■ business and they should mind them selves

They have never manipulated my body but they cause me to shake and feel stuff go inside my body nothing I do is good enuf for them to and they constantly test me and iv failed all of it but I have a feeling that their is no winning

Me they call me stupid and worthless. I try to apply for work but voices tell me you’re too stupid for work. I try to talk to a girl and voices tell me she’s worth more than you, you’re worthless.

When I first got sick in college, I heard classical music despite never listening to it. Then I would get OCD with music on the radio. Play it over and over again in my head. That was 9 years ago. Hasn’t happened since. I’ve hypnogogic hallucinations but those are sort of normal. Anyone can get those.

100 percent how I feel

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and they ware singing …………………………………………!

I hear music outside my head all the time. It’s not real and I know it’s not real. I don’t mind it. Especially when it’s beautiful symphonic music.

Yes sometimes Alien puts songs into my head

You can block out the voices blackmail attempts by humming or remixing tracks in your mind,

High volume relaxing or rap music with chewing gum helped me when I had voices but meds helped the most.

Chewing gum works like humming!

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They still come through and it feels like my head is vibrating to much when I hum

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