Do your family or friends know who you are on your his forum?

I chose not to put my picture up on schizophrenia .com forum.

But I have thought my boyfriends parents and family and possibly friends might have spied on me and somehow found out that I am on this forum aswell as who I am on this forum.

That is a bit violating and rude and no integrity and privacy etc

They want to have power of me and be nosy in a pretty tacky way if they spy on me.

They are not to boss me about I do not agree with their beliefs I think.

I have recently started to think that and I am not ok with it.

I see some ugly qualities in such behaviour.

None of their business.

I have not told anyone of my or his family about my profile name here.

Back off actually.

Do you think someone knows about you here?

Most of the posters seem to have pictures up.


I only post pictures I don’t post anywhere else, so no image search help in finding me. But that’s more so you guys can’t find me in the real world, not the real world finding me here.

Plus I don’t think my family cares about me enough to bother doing any work to find me.

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No one knows I have sz besides my wife and dr. No one would even think to look here for me


I have posted pictures, I don’t care.
my parents and psychiatrist know about this forum.

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I’ve got pictures all over this site some I’ve used in other social media accounts.

Only so many people know I have schizophrenia,

And the only one who knows I’m on this site is my husband,

He respects boundaries and knows better than to be stalking me on here.

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Thank you for your replies.

I actually love my boyfriend s parents but they are probably different than what I am used to.

I like them but …

Love and good wishes💕

My parents know I am on this forum but they don’t bother spying on me. They don’t speak English anyway.
A couple of friends also know about my profile here. I don’t mind them reading my posts, because I’ ve got nothing to hide from them :slight_smile:

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What makes you think they would spy on you here?

I know people are watching me but I just don’t really care anymore. Though I do feel like my friend is always spying on my internet activity she’s always looking for new ways to tear me down which makes me a little scared and sad.

My parents know about it but they don’t speak English. They said I will become a doctor one day if I keep staying on this site :laughing:

Yeah I have gotten worried and paranoid but I never post pictures here that i post elsephwre …

I don’t even know who I am on this forum.