Do you write poems please say if you do or don't? how common is it for general people to want to express themselves in that way?

I just had a lot of poems accepted for publication - although it’s with a mental health charity - i don’t know which publisher or format but there will be a mentor for my final edits / order and a designer for the rest of the layout

Just wondering in general how many write poems as a rule - cos i feel a bit stupid
love poems going out there - very personal - and having everyone go 'oh i write poems like that but would only share with their partner.

is that like a mild paranoia type thought? not abnormal paranoia like sz i mean just normal fears?


I write poetry on occasion. I think a lot of people do.


Yeah that’s what i mean - so is it stupid to have a bunch of love poems in print?

sorry for such a leading question

Not at all. Everybody should do it.

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if i forget the words to a song il make up my own. i got this idea out of a book

I write poetry on occasion.
I might start up again soon.
Maybe I’ll post some off the fly poetry here.


I used to write poetry to express what was going on in my head almost obsessively, all over the place. I wrote them all down (along side other things) for my mum for the christmas the year after I came out of hospital, it was a confessional, come love, come hopeful book. It means a lot to my mum, but since doing that I haven’t written an awful lot of poetry, I express myself through writing but I don’t do poetry most of the time.

Good for you for getting published! That’s awesome!


Hi Chrystal, I write lots of poetry, not much love poetry anymore since I haven’t really been “in love” in a very long time.

I am paranoid about a lot of things, and I probably will never publish my stuff. I wish I could offer more advice to you on that topic.

That’s awesome you’re getting published! Take care :v:


I don’t. I’m a painter not a poet. Words are not my friends.

I took a poetry writing class in college. It cured me of the desire to write poetry. (It sent my internal editor into overdrive. Plus, I’m kind of touchy about sharing my work.)

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I don’t write poetry, I am trying to write an auto-bio on my schizophrenic journey.

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It’s very strange writing poetry one may even say that you are a “poet” if you do so. But if you write poetry and don’t mean to you are a “poet and you don’t know it”

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Hello Walt Whitman.

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To the OP: I do write poetry. I like to turn what would be journal entries into poems. But given my high stress and disordered mind I don’t like to share my poems with people. They have a lot of things that people wouldn’t get. But I’ve written many and it gives me very nice feelings. I love playing around with different wordplays. And turning my nastiest thoughts into something fun.


I read a lot of poetry, but I don’t fancy myself a writer.

not all poetry is about love. poems can even be about an MI. and a poet need not publish his work. he can even publish under the name: “anonymous.”

sharing personal poems really wasn’t good for my MI though, at first.

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I write poems when I get inspired. Most i wrote in 2001-2002 when I was finishing school before my breakdown. Got a anthology I want to get published. And two memoirs too. And articles. I’ve got the writing now I just need publishers galore. It’s my dream to be published writer and poet :slight_smile:


I write poetry from time to time, when inspiration strikes. Sometimes it’s about love, sometimes it’s about other feelings or passions. I don’t think it’s stupid at all.

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I don’t write poems. I write manly poems.

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