Peopl who suffer had been diagnosed with schizophrenia Need to take medication FOREVER

Do you agree or disagree that people who had been diagnosed with schizophrenia need to take medication forever?

I disagree,i think there will be a few exception who had been diagnosed with schizophrenia but didn’t need medication forever


I would love to think that in my lifetime a longer acting… less side effect med will come out… I’d love to think that therapies will develop that will help me slowly get off meds…

But for me… where I stand… I see it as a forever thing…
There are some people who manage nicely without meds… I wish I was one of them. They used CBT and other support systems…

My personally… I need the meds… because of how badly it all falls apart when I try to quit the meds.

but who knows what will be discovered in a few years… I’m cautiously optimistic.

Uh…people who are on antipsychotics who are actually schizophrenic should be on the meds for the rest of their lives.

I think some people who have been diagnosed with psychosis/schizophrenia can at some point manage without medication. Whether they achieve optimal functioning in doing so or have continued sub clinical symptoms that hamper them but fly under the treatment radar is another matter. I think though the numbers that can go off medication are vastly exaggerated by the anti medication/antipsychiatry camps.


Maybe this poll is relevant

Not necessarily, They say that a lot of us come out of it in the later years to some extent. But I am not concerned about it anyway because we are not the only ill or affected folks that rely on medications to live a fuller and meaningful life without suffering too much from our maladies . Just be grateful we are living in these days and times instead of the past.

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