Do you wash your jeans?

  • Yes
  • No

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Iv had the same jeans on for four days now, everybodys dressin up im dreasin down

No i rarely wash my good jeans, the color fades quite quickly!

By learning that, i wont wash my jeans unless i really have to

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What types of jeans do you like @Speedy ?

I like tapered fit gstar

I just ordered a jeans jacket. Lee 101 rider. It’s raw denim.

I wear replay jeans as pants. Also raw denim.

I avoid stonewashed or bleached jeans because of the environmental impact it has.

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I definitely wash my jeans, but I get several wears in before washing.

  1. They get stinky.
  2. They get random stains.
  3. They get literally dirty, with dirt.
  4. They get stretched out. Washing & drying helps them go back to normal size.

My work is dirty and I deal with big companies, clean jeans everyday, some guys that do some of what I do never wash their clothes or bath, it is horrid

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Yes, I wash my jeans. So what if they don’t last quite as long? Better to have clean jeans and have to buy a new pair every once and awhile than to stink to high heaven.


Wash them after one day of wear. Cold wash, inside out. Special colour protect detergent.

I can’t wear one day old clothes.

I regularly wash my jeans

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I hardly wear my jeans

Bcoz I hardly venture out

Most of the times I am in my shorts

and if I go out I go out in my shorts

But I do wash my jeans once in a while

I love jeans

I bet those no-wash jeans types smell like a field of roses. You know, because of all the perfume they have to use to cover up the nasty smell of months old crotch sweat.

I wash my jeans but not after every use because they are clean and smell fine. I only have 2 pairs and they are from when I was fat so they are too big now, I have to wear a belt or they’ll fall down, they are a bit too baggy now. I don’t really have the money to buy new jeans so I make do with these ones.

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