How many times can you wear pajamas, jeans and other clothes without washing

Just thought this was interesting lol



I wash my PJs every time I shower.

Sheets once a week.

Clothes about every third wear if nothing gets on them.

I do a lot of laundry.


I do too.

I’ve heard some people never wash their jeans! I like my tight fresh out of the dryer jeans lol.


My sister works in costume design,

But made high end clothes for a little while,

She says you are never supposed to wash good jeans.

Just get the stink out of the necessary parts.

I can’t imagine.


I change my boxers every day. even though I only shower every third day or so. my sheets get washed about every month. we try not to use our washer and dryer a lot for cost reasons.


I dont ever wear my clothes more than one day without washing them. Especially since its peak summer here in australia at the moment.


I do a load of laundry a day. I should get a few more clothes as we probably don’t need to do it that regularly.


I will wear jeans and pajamas twice but everything else I wear once. I do laundry about once a week but I have a lot of clothes. Probably too many.


I sleep naked, on a wooden board, which I wash every day.

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I like sleeping naked too. But I wish I had a king size firm mattress instead of my little twin mattress I don’t think I could handle a board.

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my mother would hate me cause i wear jeans many days in a row. today its coffee stains and all. whatever the orange stuff is.

did ma laumdry though.

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Well sometimes I go a week to week and a half without washing anything. So far so good. Watch me get a urinary track infection or something tonight.

Who the hell washes their shoes?

I never wash my jeans, I only put them on if I go out.

At home I have my pyjamas. I throw them in to the laundry basket when they smell like sweat.

You can put your jeans in the freezer if you want to kill bacteria. I personally have never done that cause my jeans don’t smell.

I change underwear and t- shirt after every shower.

Jeans today aren’t manufactured like they used to. The fabric isn’t heavy as they were in the 80’s-90’s. I remember when jeans were indestructible, you could wash them every week and they would still hold up.

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Now there’s an idea… Never thought about the freezer

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