Do you want to throw yourself out after a minor infraction?

Really, I tended to exaggerate my harm and the harm of others. Me of faint heart. I need to grow, not leave.

My kid does this to himself a lot.

On the flip side is getting scolded severely for a minor infraction. That has happened to me, too.

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I used to be but I’ve improved. Like @Ninjastar if you gave me the advice on my music in the past I’d take it too personally. Now I went to reddit and made a thread on how to improve lyrical content

need to grow,


There’s nothing wrong with your lyrics, man. They’re just not appropriate for this website.

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Thanks for saying that lol. Well I’d like to share them a bit with more audiences. If I can’t make em appropriate for this website, well I would like to make some songs that are, at least you know???

Like afroman you probably can’t play most of his music here. But maybe there’s some feel good songs he has that you can.

It’d be nice to have more diversity as an artist. But thanks for saying that :face_with_thermometer:


Besides, the best creativity is when you “restrict” yourself.
Rap already has the restriction of rhyme And rhythm in beat. If I add appropriateness in, it just improves mental focus in general. I have therapy now.

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I think it would be a good exercise for you to make some songs that are about different subject matter. Kind of like how Eminem used to rap a lot about violence and drugs, but as he progressed, he focused more on mental health and his family.

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My therapy got Cancelled.
Before I drive

I agree it’s just hard because I have “bad habits” to talk about drugs. I’ve tried to make it more metaphorical and negative and realistic but I still waste a lot of lines on talking about drugs. They call em “filler lines” in rap. But all the slangs are Easy to fit in but it distracts from the real purpose which is why I valued your insight

Eminem has a line on slim shady lp “they say I can’t talk about drugs anymore”. So yeah. You get the pictures on that point.

I tend to get ranty. I write one 60 bar verse and then split it up into 3-4 verses afterwards. I definitely don’t plan much making my music. It is organic. But I’d like to focus better. But I’m a bit phrenetic/impatient to focus great on it.

Maybe with time I’ll be able to think on a certain subject more directly. Okay time to drive

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