Do you want a nicer cell phone

Do you want a nicer cell phone.

sure…tha all i need to get run over by a bus.

I want a decent android and iPhone for dev purposes.

Nope. I recently used my savings on an iPhone 11. I’m pleased. :slight_smile:

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Yes I actually want an iPhone 11, I have the very old 6s

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I just upgraded to an Iphone 11. Perfectly good phone and happy with it.

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I want a brand new cell phone yup yup because the old one is cracked.

Actually, I would love to! The Galaxy S20 seems to be nice.

Got a Samsung Galaxy s20. And an S10 i keep as a spare. I only got them cos im on a contract - otherwise there is no way i could afford them outright.

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İ have samsung a2 core phone.pretty solid and good phone.i m not looking for change.its more than enough for me.3 or 4 times seriously crashed to the ground.nothing happened

I have a basic $250 cell phone and I’m completely content with it. I don’t do much with my cell phone, I use my laptop still.

I had now idea how expensive cell phones are, because my dad pays for it. My dad is wealthy as s===!

I don’t want a better phone. The one I have is rock solid and does absolutely everything I want. It’s a cheapish LG.

If I have to get an iPhone it would only be the 11 Pro Max bcz others have small batteries.

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I have a Google pixel 1. It works good. A little glitchy some time but still good

You got Android 11? I have a Pixel 2 XL that I found infront of my house last year. It got Android 11 last week. Its much faster and animations are much faster, even faster than my brother’s iPhone 8 Plus.