I'm tempted to buy the iPhone 11

My iPhone 8 works perfectly fine. I’m only paying £10 per month sim only. I would like the iPhone 11 but don’t really need it. If I were to get the iPhone 11 I’ll be paying £42 a month for 36 months. I could buy the phone outright, its £729 and I’ll still be paying £10 a month sim only. I’m very tempted to buy it. I would like a new phone but my iPhone 7 works well still. I’ve had it 3 years in December. I would wait until the iPhone 12 comes out next year? I’m conflicted.


I have iPhone 5s I am happy :smiley:


I have not succumbed to buying a smartphone . That’s partly due to thinking I’d not use one very much, and partly due to being techno phobic about them (for want of a better term) .


I don’t trust Apple. The new phone is not cheaper than the old one they just released a new version of the xr and called it the standard one.

I can relate to that. I normally wait at least two years before deciding to upgrade, sometimes more. In the end it really comes down to you. I’m not sure what you use your phone for. If you’d feel happier with an iPhone 11 and can afford it without any adverse financial difficulties then I’d say to consider it. Think it over for a few days. Look at the specs of both phones then decide. I’d imagine you’ve more or less done that

Considering you haven’t upgraded in over two years, it would not hurt and you’d likely see a good amount of improvement from an iPhone 8 to an iPhone 11. Ultimately it comes down to you. Most phones nowadays come out with a newer version yearly. That is true for the iPhone line of smartphones. Sometimes they even come out with a special edition. You might want to look at websites that specialize in technology to see reviews of the iPhone 11.

In the end, I’d say, if it’s something you really want that wouldn’t hurt your pocket, then go for it. If not then there’s always the iPhone 12 next year.

In my case, I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 phone. Before that I had a Samsung Galaxy Note 4. I didn’t upgrade for four years and when I did, the changes were significant and felt like a vast improvement.

At the moment, I can definitely relate to your current predicament. Now to be quite honest, I play a lot of video game apps on my phone. I know it’s lame hehe. Anyway, with that in mind, I’ve seen the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and it doesn’t seem like a huge upgrade. I’m sure it is a better phone than the previous iterations. As I play games on my phone, I came across a phone “designed for gamers”. That would be the ASUS ROG line of phones.

In November the ASUS ROG 2 phone will be released in the U.S. (it has already been released in Europe and Asia). The reviews show it is a big improvement over the ASUS ROG 1. Now I’m considering changing from the Samsung Galaxy Note series to the ASUS ROG series. I finished paying for this phone and am currently considering purchasing a PC. Depending on what PC I decide I may have enough to comfortably purchase the ASUS ROG 2 phone (which will likely be less expensive than the Galaxy Note 10). So that is my dilemma.

In your case, by comparison, you’d be going from an iPhone 8 to an iPhone 11. I’d assume that would be a more noticeable improvement than a Galaxy Note 8 to 10. It really depends on what you use your phone for and more importantly, if it is something you really want to do. Again, I’d say go for it if that’s what you want and it wouldn’t cause financial strain.

That being said, three years+ is a wise amount of time to wait before upgrading.


I’ve got a Samsung S5 that gets fairly heavy use every day. I have an A8 that needs a fix before using (will cost $50-ish dollars) but I keep defaulting to the S5. The A8 browser is snappier, but otherwise I don’t feel there are huge differences in typical use improvements. All I do is browse reddit, this forum, and Youtube. S5 does all that just fine.

I was reluctant to get a smartphone also, but ending up getting an Obama phone from safelink. It was free.

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I have an iPhone 8. I am mostly happy with it though the battery is starting to go. I will probably upgrade it when my contract is up in December if I can get a good deal.


Android is the best !

In terms of customization, appearance, and freedom, Android is your best bet.

I was a high-end Nokia customer until they started making low-end phones only. I have had iPhones since.

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Nokie are really the shiitters of the phone world nowadays.

I love Samsung the best !!

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The XR is a brilliant phone as well and it’s cheaper now

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I’ve an xr. Good bit of kit and does above what I expect.

It’s all about deals and what you can afford. I pay monthly and it’s not so bad to my hip pocket!

I have pre-ordered the iPhone 11 pro for delivery on the 21st September and I got the apple ear-pods in that as well. I’m very happy I passed the credit check. I don’t have a good credit score, I didn’t think anyway -, the total phone contract was £1.300… I’m paying £47 a month which is very affordable for me.

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I went to cricket once and passed by an iPhone. 1100.00$. whew not me.

Does your iPhone have a drop guard ? Keep from breaking the screen?

I’m going to upgrade from a 6 to an XR. I like to stay one phone behind for pricing purposes.

It was only an extra £50 for a 128gb XR before. It is definitely worth getting over 64gb for that price.

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I may go back to an XR or maybe the 11.
Most of the new phones are big.
It’s hard to avoid.

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6 was bigger than most of their phones when it first came out, and that’s one of the things I liked about it. I’m not sure if the XR is the same size or a tad bigger, I can’t make sense of the measurements online.