Do you wake up hearing no voices and think "are they finally gone?"

This happens to me often but inevitably they return to lie and talk crap.


Yes that happens to me. I only hear them once a week now so its not as bad

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Yes. And one day they finally went away


Heheh, the voice talk to much and I talk too much.

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WHo cares? I love chatting you know!

They seem to not let their mission go, even one day off would be a lot from them to wish. It’s not only the voices I hear. There are also the whole existing/emotions, that are not the way they should be.

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It’s been a year for me when do you reckon they’ll piss off

Can’t say, I’ve been hearing them for 6 years this October. Less so in the past, they have gotten noisier in the past 6 months. Don’t be afraid to try a different AP.

Too many times to count. I must admit though that when they left for a few months due to Latuda I really had a difficult time dealing with it because my mind was so used to being engaged to talking to imaginary people I suddenly felt extremely alone and lost because I wasn’t used to living in the Real World only. So I contacted practically everyone I ever met (since I had been such a loner I barely knew most of those folks) and preceded to make a fool of myself because the drug also made me manic and what I said was pretty messed up because the delusions were still there. My mind had also melded with the voices and I started saying some of the horrible things they had been saying in my head in the Real World instead. I now live in the two Worlds again and generally don’t make an ass of myself any more in the Real one. I don’t think “are they finally gone?” any more because I’m afraid of how I’d act if they were.

How much of a dose of Latuda were you on? I am on 120 but I still have voices.

No but when I was first put on risperidone there was a time when it started working and I voices went from screaming at me to talking. I was smiling like crazy then. Also the same when they went away. I hate it whenever I start to hear them again.

I was on 60 mg. I was taken off of it at one Psych Ward due to the manic symptoms then put back on it at another when the voices returned. That time it didn’t work and I was put back on Invega which along with Risperdal has been my primary drug track. I realized that since I had taken practically all the other antipsychotics and had them fail I had to learn to live with the voices at the reduced rate that they existed before on Invega. The doctor told me the voices would never leave again. I guess it was either due to the relapse or the medical community didn’t like me without voices. If being manic is me without voices then I really don’t care for it either.

On Fluanxol my head was quiet. It was so peaceful. But I quit the medication and they returned. Then I got Abilify. The voices were quiet in the beginning but found their way back. My psychologist told me to pretend it’s a radio talking. Listen if it is interesting, if not, just ignore it and stop listening to them.

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About waking up without voices…don’t remember when that happened last time. Michelle, one of my voices, usually tells me it’s time to get up.

if i dont think the voices have nothing to say because they mostly listen to my crazy thoughts 24/7 and try to make me uncomfortable and paranoid
but one day when i was off meds i woke up and started vaping and was watching a video and i didnt think about anything so i didnt hear voices for like a minute, if i could stop thinking i feel like my psychosis would be alot more manageable but that is impossible

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I used to do that a lot and have false celebrations over it. But when the voices did leave for a few months I felt so darn lonely that I really could not handle it well. So now when they leave I just assume they will return and am not so bothered when they do.

My voices were so random, it could be as often as 3 days a week, to as little as once a week, so yeah when I got put on APs, especialy new ones, I’d think, “Are they going to go away??” But some times I miss them even if they were tormenting me.