Do you use nicotine? a poll

Do you use nicotine?

  • Smoke Cigarettes
  • Smoke Cigars
  • Vape
  • Nicotine Lozenges
  • Chew
  • Snuff
  • Nicotine free
  • Nicotine Gum

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Nope none of that for me


I am so glad I could put nicotine free! One small stepping stone.


I have smoked cigarettes since I was 11. I had one 18 month break but I went back to it.

I have smoked for 21 years - no turning back now

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I smoked for 35 years, now I use the lozenges. I can’t wait to quit that too.

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Quitting is not on my mind at the moment.

If that does happen, I’d need to have cracked not getting myself so stressed as cigarettes are pretty much my only coping mechanism

You’d hope for something better to say after 6 months of therapy but that’s where I am with it

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If you ever decide to quit it will be when you’re ready, not when someone else wants you to. I know that much.

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I enjoy smoking way to much to quit! It’s therapeutic to me.

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Was a very casual user in middle and high school, like a pack of Newports lasted 6 weeks. Once in a very great while if I’m drinking in a bar I’d have a cig, think that was Halloween 2008 last time. You could still smoke in bars at that time.

But hubby and kids are all asthmatic, so it’s not allowed in my house, if my sister shows up she has to go to the street or her car to do it.

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Over ten years without. Best thing I ever did for my health both physical and mental.

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Snip snip snip.

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