If you stop APs, when u go psychotic, they say it is relapse

but what if i have never been very psychotic at all but just a bit delusional at the beginning?

Then without meds you would be lost in delusions without insight


my psychosis is very special , i dun have any delusional thoughts, not being tracked by people, not thinking i am God, not hearing voices, but just cannot leave my own world of inside-chatter, dun have my own thoughts, thinking ability drop significantly as well as my cognition , learning ability is deprived, i cannot learn a new language, i just do not possess the ability to distinguish the vocabs/grammer out when i listen to a sentence with the new vocabs/grammer i learnt. it is a nightmare. i am not even able to learn piano , it is like a guy without mind that see a picture of notes that give no meaning to him but just reflex

at the time of past few years, i had no idea oh why i have been shaking my legs, walking around in my room, stuffy nose, behaving weirdly/able to behave normally, having great sex drive/ being impotent, are the effects of these drugs/ off them (sometimes), but now i realized it was them doing their jobs. should i be happy or not that they make me lose a few years of life which are without heads?

After a few years on meds, they took me off. That’s when I got really sick.

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how abt before meds?

I echo this. They took me off of meds as well. I did really well for the next 6 months and then I was hearing voices. Eh…

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I relapsed even though I took my medication as prescribed.

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if not taking meds is the only way to cure this illness completely then taking meds will never make our recovery process come to an end.

Before meds, I was just a wacky pot smoker. I was looking for help, however, because my grades kept getting lower and Vietnam was up my butt.

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