Do you think we deserve better treatment?

Do you feel happy with your antipsychotics ? Or they make your depressive symptoms /overall health worse do you feel they impose a negative effect on your heart ?


I have always had a mild resentment of my ap med’s, but I know I can’t quit taking them because it has been a disaster every time I tried. They drain my body of strength. I can’t go backpacking on my med’s because they disrupt my body temperature regulation mechanisms, making me more susceptible to hyperthermia in summer and hypothermia in winter. I’m hoping they will invent med’s that don’t do that, but that is way off in the future.

Never satisfied With Aps …They are good for psychosis but can’t do a damn for cognitive and negative symptoms…I always judge that my positive symptoms are under control…!!!
We obviously need better medication …!!! Which is more then anti-psychotic …
which treats both Domains of sz…!!! Man i am really frustrated with slow progress on SZ research …WE deserve better medication…!!!



I think we deserve better treatment than being shoved with meds!
For example, individual therapy is awesome but i really wish there would be more hands on activities on how to manage in the world…you know?

yes and can I have a cup of money too.



My AP makes me so drowsy. :frowning: I take it before bedtime but the drowsiness continues into the next day even after a good night’s sleep. I can’t focus on anything without a lot of effort.

Better treatment, please!

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My medication (mostly Clozaril) makes me so tired; however, I’m treatment resistant so I have to deal with it. Even with Clozaril I needed a second antipsychotic (Latuda).


I even once amusingly asked for a penny from heaven, thus I had asked for as little as possible the first time around, and did so just to see if I was judged as being completely worthless and deserve no help at all, or not, and sadly there was no response at all.

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Of course we need better effective meds.
Risperidone helps me a lot but it comes with a lot of side effects.

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Treatment was not as good before this and it will become better in the future. I’ts not a question of deserving. The people who used to be chained up for mental illness deserved better treatment and the people 100 years from now who are untreatable if there are any will deserve better treatment.


I took a really lousy ap prescribed by a psychologist or something, someone who didn’t know what they were doing with me. It made me gain 20 pounds in two days, made me a zombie, and didn’t really help with the hallucinations. Just got rid of delusions. I stopped it, thank god, and lost 11 pounds within two weeks without working out. I hated that thing. I only took it to help me sleep. It sucked.

@far_cry0, you are not judging correct. Schizophrenia is not only related to brain. When I saw a hallucination that erupted from body (hands). So don’t conclude its research is easy.


Most of my hallucinations are internalized delusional thoughts that I have basic control over, but I am learning that my brain is just wired differently from too much trauma and cannot process reality the same way as others.
I had a weird external experience of hearing bubbles popping from the back of my neck last night, and slept through the night with no dreams.

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"Hallucinations as a Internalized delusional thoughts " means image in the brain. It helps me to understand the situation and I can change my decision because of it. But problem of reality is difficult. I personally process two different person’s view (both are mine) and than choose the action or words which suitable to the environment ( or look normal),. This is difficult some time but no option.


I’m happy with my treatment. It has made me as normal as I can be. Although I am hypothermic in the winter and hyperthermic in the summer, it is a small price to pay for the mental wellness that I experience. I just don’t go outside very much.

I am not happy with my treatment. although ap eliminates positive symptoms the side effects are too much for me.

sz is what it is.

I don’t think it’s productive to support people who are experiencing hallucinations. I know it’s a big deal but I don’t think that is constructive for those who suffer.

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Yes @rogueone, you are right, may be. I am trying to make my SZ experience to constructive. But some time I feel it is difficult or worthless. And also I have a strong feeling that this SZ experiences are the property of my 23 years of suffering.

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I am getting treatment through day treatment and it is really helpful with my coping mechanisms and mental wellness. I’m just mad it is only 2 months and not longer. I am really doing swimmingly but what if they throw me into the real world and everything is a mess again?!?