Anybody satisfied with antipsychotics?

I hate antipsychotics, I have decided to wean off but a doctor told me very gradually I should do that like in 2 years. My question is what to do for 2 years?! Before I didn’t know this fatigue is because of antipsychotics, I thought it’s because of another condition. But after I put it aside I had a lot of mental and physical energy…

Do you experience fatigue and sleepiness too?

If you are satisfied with your medications can you please let me know what they are.

Thank you.

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If fatigue is a side effect you can’t tolerate, then switch to another med. It’s very risky coming off an AP if you have schizophrenia.


I don’t really like AP’s too, but I resign myself to the fact I need to be on them. If your having side effects that really bother you, you should discuss with your pdoc. I would like to try Seroquel, but my current pdoc says No. I’m pretty sure I’m going to get a second opinion about that though. My current pdoc suggested Caplyta, but I already know it’s too expensive for my blood.

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Yes, problem is I do not know I have schizophrenia or not. First time they put me on it I was not hearing voices or seeing anything. Just I was young and had some phobia at the same time little hyper. My parents enforced medicine and nobody talked to me i was 23 they treated me like I am crazy or something by not talking about it and I stayed on it for years…Anyway I came back to my country for treatments because in the US assigned doctors to me really didn’t care about me… More important I want to visit the doctor who put me on antipsychotics for the first time to see why!!!

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Love my meds, they help reduce the voices and visuals. I’m willing to be more diligent on weight gain due to them, but for me, it’s worth it.

Took me over 2 years to find a good combo. I’m satisfied where I’m at. Doctors don’t think I’ve got much room to advance with meds, now it’s mostly maintenance.


I take Invega Trinza and Bupropion. They work well for me


I hate the meds hate the disease. It’s not forever one day I’ll die.


My pdoc just put me on the least amount of antipsychotic I’ve ever been on. It’s been a week now and I’m okay.

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I wish doctors understand this disease soon…

Reduce voices? Do you still hear voices when you are on med?

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It beats the alternative.


Yes, max dose of Zyprexa, only clozapine let to try if I want too.

The voices have been reduced by like 80%, but I still have them everyday.

I self medicated with alcohol and drugs from my first psychotic break at 15 years old, until my last big break at 32 years old. Got sober and on some proper meds, but the damage was already done.

I consider myself medium functioning. I still believe I’m god trapped in a human body, and angels still talk to me, but I don’t freak out over it like I did as a teen.

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I’m very happy with Lurasidone (Latuda) 60mg. That being said I wish I didn’t have to take any medication and I wish I didn’t have schizophrenia.

I took 4 years slowly reducing my Olanzapine (Zyprexa) from 40mg down to nothing.

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I am satisfied on 10 mg Zyprexa and 10mg Abilify I can study go to university and I have no sleepiness

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Did you switch meds from olanzapine to latuda?

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What about fatigue or any uncomfortable feelings?

Yes, I started Latuda in 2019. I was on both for about a year as I continued decreasing Zyprexa and onto Latuda.

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Sometimes in the afternoon I feel some fatigue if I am not busy off meds I never felt fatigue in the afternoon.

Yes off meds a person is much more capable if he doesn’t hear voices…

I experience a lot of fatigue and sleepiness maybe it’s because I don’t have schizophrenia and I use med. Because everybody else is almost satisfied with meds…

I don’t know until now doctors never cared and talked with me about side effects…