Do you think this pdoc quit because of me

There was a pdoc I saw before I went psychotic. He decided it was ok to take me off lamotrigine because of side effects and leave me on Sertraline without it.

The pervious pdoc wanted me on both as I was coming off the Abilify.

But this new pdoc thought I had a mixed personality disorder or borderline after seeing me once. Was extremely dismissive when I tried to say I don’t think so. Ended up in hospital after that for the first time ever.

My partner feels he must of quit after that.

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It doesn’t have to be you. There are lot of other patients they see. Exhaustion is possible. They might have their own issues.


Doctors don’t always get the diagnosis straight right off the bat.

It took years before my doctor diagnosed me with bipolar disorder.

Before this she diagnosed me with Schizoaffective disorder.

Yeah it usually takes months or years before a correct diagnosis can be given.

You may want to seriously consider seeing a private psychiatrist @ish


My mum was so angry with him , never saw him after that. He’s barely there for a month.

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I’ve seen a private consultant before @wave. It’s been bipolar or schizoaffective as I’ve seen two or three. I was very paranoid the sz dx was wrong so at the time I saw a few years back.


I was diagnosed with chronic paranoid schizophrenia and psychosis after my first meeting with my first psychiatrist in September 2015. Didn’t believe it at first until I got out of the psych ward and started researching schizophrenia and looking up symptoms and then realized I really did have it and really did need meds.

I don’t know if your psychiatrist quit because of you but I doubt he did.


He might have changed clinics where he works.


I doubt the pdoc quit because of you.


@Ferb I was told the denial was part of sz. I do believe I had psychosis , I was just not accepting sz as my dx. Still , years later I don’t believe the docs whatever they tell me … I guess I adhere to treatment and that’s all that matters to keep me and everyone sane.

My first dx was undifferentiated sz in 2010, my second diagnosis was paranoid sz , third it was sza , then bipolar and now sza but with a possibility of it being bipolar. Trouble is I never see the same consultant more than once.

Had second psychosis in 2020 after trying to quit ap. How many go 10 years without a psychosis in sz? I guess it can still be a possibility though


I have went through many pdocs and cpns. Either they die on me or they quit or they decide not to accept my insurance anymore so I get bumped to a new one.

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