Do you think they r real?

voices or thoughts i hv say : we are not illness
i say to them :you r illness
they say you know we are not illness and you r sure of that
i say i ll take meds whatsoever
they say meds we wont make us go coz we are real and you know that
they say becoz you r taking meds we ll be nicer to you
but you know we r real
they say dont take high doses or tell docor about ur symptoms coz it will cause side effect made by us
becoz we will never go becoz we r real
high doses mean that we must go but we wont go
do you think they r real ??

Everyone’s voices argue that they are real. Unless you can test them and prove them right a hundred times out of hundred, they are delusions and you should ignore them. Don’t argue or dwell on what they say, just ignore them.

they make to me somatic symptoms or
make me undergo overthinking
or make to me depression sometimes
by that they think they are proving they are real

A night dream can make me happy or sad. The characters I met there are still just imagination.

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I think spirits are real there must be something wrong with me even though most of the world believes in them.

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