Do you think they are going to envent new medicine

I’m not sure if they are going to figure out how to cure sz through medicine, but I think they are going to create new medicines though, but I think the new medicine will be about the same with how much it helps people.

I don’t know if antipsychotics can get any better.

Sure they can. 1515


Sorry I forgot to say that I’m talking about antipsychotic medicines.

So was I. 151515

Do you think they are going to invent better ap medicines? and how do you think they are going to event better medicines. I’m thinking that older medicines like clozapine works just like newer medicines with how effective they are depending on the person.

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but compared to like around 50 years ago we have made a whole lot of progress with helping sz with medicines. I’m happy for that!!

They made APs according to how life was life back then.

They’ll make medicine according to how life is now, soon.


You just have to be patient :wink:

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Yes undoubtedly. This is part of the process of pharmacology. Much like technology. The tech we have today will be terrible in 20 years time. The same can be said for medication but at a slower pace -if you compare what was available 50 years ago Vs today. Many medication stops being recommended because they are surpassed by medications that do their job better with less side effects.

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