Do you think the normies are crazier than us?

Maybe that’s why we get so paranoid.

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There are people out there who do crazy things and don’t have a mental illness.

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I was just at a busy restaurant and was thinking, everybody in here seems completely insane.

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I kinda wish they would go play out in traffic I hate there egos and power trips along with there shiny bald heads they probably got before hitting 30

I absolutely hate most people unless your a animal lover and actually have a understanding of free will

Then there’s the people that wanna treat you like a child and the only thing that normal people respect is money it’s lame

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Plenty of “normies” i know, are not crazier, but rather thick as horse shite, and yet they continue to look down on me “a schizophrenic” , when they struggle with basic english spelling.

Yet they give it large in the pubs - but take one look at the way they live and their house, and alot i know live in crap, and they certainly dont have the expensive hardware i own.

So Berty Bollox to the lot of them. Theres a reason im happy on my own.

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I’d say most normies are crazy in there own way.
Lots of Narcissism going around.

Power, money and greed drive most of them.


Speaking of normies I ran into my ex yesterday & she decided to box me in at the parking and continue to scream at me

Gonna wakeup shower and go have lunch since it’s noon. I took a Xanax last night and over slept she stressed me out.
After I eat I’m gonna decide whether or not if I should forward her number to all the spam & robo callers along with Tom cruise religion Scientology where they keep your information for life and constantly keep you informed.

Mean people suck

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Blimey - remind me, never to piss you off! lol :smile:

You look like this famous guy in the movies

No but I do think that beeing diagnosed can be a big lesson in humility

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