Do people seem crazy or normal to you?

I mean the so called normies or people out in the world. Do they seem like they are all insane? Thats kind of what i see.

It’s a spectrum, for sure.

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I see normies as Aliens. That’s how I feel when around them.

I think i seem crazy others don’t see it that way a lot of the time but I always feel i come across as awkward

People seem normal to me, but I’ve talked to people who were conspiracy theorists and “truthers” and they seemed off too.

Drug use is what I suspect.

Sorry i misread the question… i think other people seem normal to me i always feel odd

The more people you interact with, the sooner you learn that everyone has problems of some sort. Some of us are just lucky enough to know what ours are so that we can deal with them.

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