Talking about Someone/Others to Others

How does everyone feel about that.

I personally find it uncomfortable in some respects when people do that about me. And I personally do try to keep talking about others to a necessary minimum, and I keep personal stuff as personal

Regarding others,

I think everyone and anyone is free to say what they want,
How they want. I’m not in control of anyone to tell them how to use their freedom of speech, at the end of the day.


Working in an office where gossip was a common problem, i found it hard because I hate gossip but found myself doing it and hating myself for it. It is so easy to get sucked in

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Yea I talk about others too sometimes but I really try to keep it to an appropriate minimum.

It really is easy to, in some circumstances, I get you on that.

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I find when this happens it’s not talk about you in a flattering way.

ahhh gets back to my intuition. I know what they’re saying about me.

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