do you ever analyze people?

people have nothing better to do than make my mental health miserable. i am a visible minority. Whenever i go around people, after some kind of encounter with them (even if they just looked at me through their peripheral vision) i later try to make sense of what just happened. i think did I do good performance with them? i do this extensively especially if they ignored me or yelled at me. I think people try to confuse me just to mass with me so i waste my valuable time analyze them. I avoid certain people too. So i am insecure others might be trying to avoid me like I try to avoid certain people.

i already wasted so much time doing these analyzing that i wish i could take back all those decades i did this :(.

do people want me to become approval seeking wussy so i go asking to them why did they just did what they did?

I think youre just overanalyzing. People dont usually go out of their way to mess with people theyre worried about themselves. I have the same issue though


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