Do you think schizophrenia is cool disease?

this game is about schizophrenic, very cool game, currently playing

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I think some aspects of sz create nice experiences for me like the guide voices that console me and give me advice. As far as being cool though, I don’t think mi is cool.

That game in the other hand looks awesome. It reminds me of the games I used to play when I was a kid. The style of it.

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No I think it’s a ■■■■ disease. It’s ruined my life how is that cool


It has ruined my life
No freinds to go out with
No relationship and no career
Is that cool


Its a crap disease for me. My symptoms and delusions tend to be very mundane in focus, albeit far fetched and unfounded. And it’s all but made me a pariah to normal folk outside my family. I don’t hear voices or see visions, so I don’t quite fit that stereotype. I should be glad though, but I have my challenges.

So no, it’s been a boring, fruitless, and destructive disease to me.

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troll thread? Not judging, i have my fair share of trolling

1% cool, 99% cancer that has ruined my family and my life. :slight_smile:
Those that think that it is cool should visit a psych ward.


Nailed it…thank u man …!!!

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Spooky are u still working in a job…i havent since long…

That video game doesn’t illustrate that most lose their families, livelihoods and most of their dignity.

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It’s one of the top 10 disabling diseases. I haven’t experienced anything good as a result of sza.

What an emo fuggen thread

Makes me hate myself more

Of course, normies don’t want to hear about that!

They prefer Nash’s nice (and fake) hallucinations. :slight_smile:

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I hate the disease so it’s not cool. It’s one of the worst diseases with a life expectancy less than 20 years from the norm.

I don’t think sz/sza are cool diseases, no. Sza ruined most of my life. And I may not have much life left, who knows? I do have a consoling guide voice, but, I think most normie’s have this same consoling guide voice, if they are religious.

For me schizophrenia is my fate,
a fate I have to accept.
I received the greatest gift there is, the gift of life.
I have schizophrenia added to my life.
I would rather not have it obviously.
But I cherish my life despite my schizophrenia.


Anything I got in life I got in spite of sz, not because of it. Schizophrenia is a scourge.

Have you also played Hell Blade? It’s a really good game also about a girl with sz.

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Sometimes its cool and sometimes its as scary as death.

What is cool about it?