Do you think psychosis is like dreaming?

‘living well with schizophrenia’ just posted a video on youtube that says psychosis is like dreaming.

i’m not sure i agree with the premise of the video. i mean, i guess it’s kinda similar, but only very loosely the same.


I agree with this. This is the way I would describe it to someone who didn’t know what it was.

It’s like falling into a dreamworld while awake.


I think it does feel a lot like a dream. To me anyway. It doesn’t feel real and I can’t remember most of it.


Dreaming don’t hurt. Dreaming didn’t cause me to be hospitalized 10 times.


Not really, my experience with hallucinations didn’t seem like a dream to me at all, but other people may feel that way, everyone is different.

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I feel like it was dream similar
I don’t think I have ptsd from it
If it had all been real I would have


Yes. I’ve described it this way to my sister before.

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More like a nightmare.


I literally just watched the first few mins, and turned it off.

Kinda got the gist of the theory, but disagree with it.

For me I associate dreaming with imagination, not akin to psychosis.

when i first got sz it was like waking up to a nightmare…it was like that for about 8 weeks…bloody awful experience…all i can say is that im grateful for having at long last found an anti psychotic that can help me…im now on 20 mg olanzapine and quetiapine 800mg…its a hefty dose but its better than being psychotic

yea same for me… if it would be like a dream then it’s more like a nightmare. But i’m not so sure it’s like a dream… it all felt really real to me…

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I agree a bit, yeap… But a dreaming with nightmares, yes :frowning: … I was very out of touch with the reality, i was stuck in my head… But this kind of dreaming hurts a lot too…

It felt more like waking up. I never felt like it was dreaming.

Yes its living a bad and dangerous dream.

didnt really feel like a dream. it felt much more like a magical reality

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In the sense that dreams can be bizarre and strange and random at times, like bizarrely random, yes.


For me its like my body doesnt wana repond anything.ts always in stress.stress stress,too much energy,and then bam paranoia starts again.its the same story all my life.

It’s like a nightmare that ends only when properly medicated. Then my memory of psychosis is all fuzzy and I feel like I’ve lost track of time.

my pdoc said schizophrenia was like dreaming while you’re awake…I agree…I totally didn’t wake up from being out of it until I was stabilized on meds…

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“didnt really feel like a dream. it felt much more like a magical reality”

well said 15151515

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