Psychosis – A Dream-Like State Of Mind?


Have you ever thought of psychosis as a dream-like state of mind? Dreaming does actually bear strong similarities with the psychotic state of mental illnesses such as schizophrenia. Psychotic states are characterized by hallucinations, loosening of associations, incongruity of personal experience, and a loss of self-reflective capacity. Dreams can also be seen as a kind of delusional thought during which there is a complete lack of insight into one’s true state of consciousness. Both the psychotic patient and the dreamer are in a state of acceptance of nonsensical experiences as real.

That dreaming may be a model for psychosis is a long-standing idea that has now been supported by recent studies on dream phenomenology. There are extensive similarities in measures of cognitive bizarreness between the waking thoughts of psychotic patients and dream reports of both psychotic patients and healthy controls. But whereas healthy subjects shut down those hallucinations while awake, psychotic patients continuously experience such dream-like mental activity.


Yes, unless you are a lucid dreamer, fully conscious of what you are doing and the actions you take in your dreams. I’d say 9 out of 10 dreams are like that for me…I may not control what comes my way initially, like i don’t plan what dreams i have, but once I am in them I am able to work with them, manipulate them and take actions as i would in waking life. At times i even know it’s a dream while i am in the dream, or I am able to figure it out that it’s a dream part way through it.
Although I wish i could actually will myself to physically fly as i do in dreams, that is so fun! As it is I can only do spirit/astral flying and that is kind of hard to initiate though I have had some success with it while awake.

Working with dreams is an integral part of some forms of spirituality. You can truly learn from them.