Do you think people like cops and writers, etc read our posts?

i wonder if they do. I would bet people for whatever reason looking to learn more about schizo probably would.

I belive my pdoc is reading my posts. Maybe that’s a delusion… Maybe not…

I wonder about that too.

I don’t know about about cops. But I read here from some members, time and time again that people read the forum for a while before getting the courage for posting. I’ve seen people say that they read this to figure out some problems in their own lives.

If a writer reads this, and finally portrays SZ accurately with no murder or violence and other stupid stuff, then that is the start of one more stereotype down.

My Dad admitted to reading this forum once in a while to get a feeling about what is happening with me. When I was having my psychotic crisis last month, he did read the forum so he knew what he was walking into and how bad I felt and that I needed help sooner then later. He really got on board with my sis early and I got an appointment that very next day. It was a huge help not to have to explain every thing from the beginning to him. Especially since my head circus was really acting up.

I just had to add, considering we also talk about movies and art and what we ate for breakfast, I couldn’t see a cop or a spy type being very interested for very long. :wink:

yeah i suppose cops and spies probably wouldn’t be on here very long. :slight_smile:

Cops wouldn’t read what we write. They would call in a specialist to teach them a class about mental illness.

No I don’t think that, anyway they have lives and their job is not depending on observing our behavior, but I think that psychologists and researchers do read and watch maybe every one of us, I do feel uncomfortable about that sometimes, but whatever I won’t change a thing, I love sharing my schizo-life details, and I like the feedback from people who have a lot in common with me.

Actually I really hope they do, then they would be better then some of the compassionless fancy brained idiots I’ve had to deal with in the past. A Doc who read this and got the idea to actually listen to the patient and not scare little kids and realize negative symptom is almost worst then positive… :relieved:
How nice that would be.

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Your probably right about that!

Don’t think the police would but as occurred on the old board writers touting for hopefully juicy titbits for stories might. Hopefully any such types will quickly be given the boot with this new software.

yeah really come up with your own ideas!

Yes they read, many read it, there are millions on here with us right now and they get very bored sometimes.

Some may be trying to learn, some just want a laugh, others are just wasting time.

I must disagree with j, sometimes schizophrenics do get violent, i don’t consider them bad because it’s always saving the world from the aliens or protecting themselves from a foul foul danger, but yes they do get violent sometimes because of what happens to them.

I myself was even attacked by one, the man was in a state of dread, pure terror, he trembling and chanted loudly, next thing i knew he came up behind me and began pelting me with his closed fist as hard as he could, good thing the staff was there.

Another guy knocked out a nurse, an old nurse, just layed her on the ground.

There are instances on youtube of violence also, a man actually decapitated another guy on a bus, and that is one of the most severe things i can think of. Yet another guy waited with a shotgun because “they” were scaring him telling him that someone was on their way to hurt him, his father walked in and he almost shot him.

It does happen.

i didn’t no cops could read? i thought they just followed colour full pictures !
take care

I do worry that my current therapist comes here to snoop on me. Maybe it’s paranoia - but you never know, anything is possible.

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I do worry about it because I hear of people all the time who get arrested for something they said over the internet. So someone has to be watching.

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Don’t worry. I doubt they do. :slight_smile:

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I write a lot of stuff out for both my pdoc and my therapist. They hardly have time to read it. I’m their patient. So if they aren’t reading what I give them, I doubt they are here reading stuff from people that aren’t their patients.

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I don’t know if this will be reassuring or not. I try to read all posts and I don’t see anything that a cop or social worker would worry about. Having a different belief system in my opinion is not reason to get someone in trouble. I know that my son, when his paranoia is high, can sometimes think that he might get into trouble for talking about what he believes. I try to reassure him that he has a right to his beliefs. From my point of view if that was reason to have him locked up or admitted… well a lot of people would be in trouble for being different.

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Thanks runnergirl and J. You guys are probably right. I sometimes get this way, paranoid ideals. Many doctors don’t have the time to drink their coffee - they are not going to kill their time off by going on line to see what I am up to. I just get this way from time to time.

I’m not 100 percent on this, but I believe that nowadays it’s reasonable to assume people are under surveillance a lot of the time. It’s nothing to be afraid of if you’re not a criminal. There is also a lot of disinformation out there on the web and youtube that makes people afraid.

They have tools that sweep the web of suspicious phrases, searches, or conversations typically related to terrorism or drugs. You also have to be careful who you talk to because if that person is engaged in suspicious activity or on a watch list, then you might be tracked as well (guilty by association). They do this on cellphone conversations too. That’s why a lot of websites don’t want you to put your personal information on them.

It’s just a given nowadays that nothing is private. There are cameras at stoplights and gas stations, etc. I think it’s a bit worse in the UK though. I mean they don’t go after people for stupid things as often, and it’s usually something that’s worth pursuing.