Do you think insecurity is inevitable?

I’ve been told that it is the nature of life that it is insecure. Then why are people always trying to find security? Isn’t it just chasing after the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?

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You can’t make your life a hundred per cent safe, but you can do things to lessen your risks. If I came into some money the first thing I would do would be to get the best Obamacare I could pay for. I would buy a comfortable yet modest house, and a car that got the best gas mileage I could find. I would probably exercise a little to keep off heart attacks, and I would pray I didn’t get cancer. Then I would try to find interests that occupy me and benefit the world so I don’t go mad with boredom.


in my opinion, insecurities are natural. we aren’t going to be in a safe environment, all the time.

Like walking outside my neighborhood is an insecurity, for me.

or when I think about my future, that’s another insecurity.

But you getting good gov job

And us getting married


:slight_smile: not in the mood

Insecurity can make normies look more mentally ill than us. It’s a hell of a problem.

My monthly Social Insecurity check speaks volumes about me.


Good one Nick! :smile:

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