Life is insecure. Insecurity leads to violence. Therefore, life is violent

Does that make sense to you? It’s just my own reasoning.

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@pretzel you recently mentioned a bout with cancer. how are you doing with that? are you at peace and comfortable or suffering and not saying anything…? worried.

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a little of both. Sometimes it;s painful, other times, I can relax. Thank you for asking.


I hope you are on meds for your pain…so sorry…I could cry I’m so sad about you and this cancer.


Don’t cry for me. That just makes two of us miserable instead of one.


Millions of people have been murdered over the years and the same applies to animals.

Saying that humanity has violent tendencies is a euphemism.

It would make sense, if insecurity definitely led to violence in every instance.

Yes that makes sense to me.

I sometimes forget animals and creatures are very violent and deadly to all life also.

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This is how I feel about things with my situation. You put it into words well.

I sincerely wish you the best outcome.


According to what you’re saying: life can’t be secure. Transposed: security leads to non violence. Some countries have security but their desire for more leads them to try to take over the weaker. I know many doctors who live secure lives with a lot of money but that doesn’t stop them from being greedy ruining peoples lives, cutting hours, to get their bonuses, so they can bang the office girl. Good thought experiment. Thinking can be a great escape. Good things.

A desire for more and more money is a form of insecurity.


Doctors have some of the most secure positions in society. Whether their personality is insecure you could argue capitalism leads some people to secure lives and others to insecure lives, so is it secure or insecure? It’s different based on class, but even within a class someone can be insecure. Because there’s no absolute being secure or insecure you can’t take an absolute position. One could I argue I’m insecure because I chose to readdress the issue like I’m overcompensating. It’s the free use of the word insecure. I just meant financially secure: food security, bills paid, children school paid for, car paid, vacations, and money left over; not intrinsic insecurity like anxiety, greed, personality disorders. It’s a categorically misuse.

Things are better than they used to be. Life isn’t as hazardous as it was in the past.

There is injustice in the capitalist system, but capitalism provides more security for more people than most other economic systems. I don’t know where you stand on Communism and Russia and China, but capitalism provided a much better life in the U.S. than it did for those two countries. Vast numbers of people were killed in both of those countries trying to implement Communist programs. Capitalism is the worst system there is, apart from every other system. We can work within the framework of the law to iron out the inequities of capitalism.

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