I think we have an exaggerated view of normies

Or maybe it’s just me. But the odds aren’t great for a lot of normies in my opinion.

Articles like this put things into perspective for me

They don’t get married or have unhappy or failed marriages too. They get physically sick too. They don’t fulfill their childhood dreams too. Etc. Etc.

What’s the point I’m making? I think it’s don’t put normies on a pedestal.


I agree with you. We think normies have it made. But they have problems too.


Totally agree,

Just because they don’t have mental illness doesn’t mean they have it easy.

Everyone’s got problems.


Plenty of dug addicted, neurotic alcoholic normies out there! :wink:


Putting it in that light makes me distrust normies even more. All these problems and they choose to freak out over sz/sza?

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lol “normies”


Yeah, to me, they all look 7 feet tall and three feet wide.

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thought i would’t like this but its pretty cool. thanks

Speaking for the MD community (although I don’t represent all members), many don’t have mental illnesses but having a physical illness means that depression follows naturally.

When one has their first onset and their muscles start to waste away- depending on the progression- it is hard not to feel depressed.

I’m one of those people who has a severe mental illness AND a physical, genetic disease.

It’s an interesting view at life and helps to understand people in a different perspective.
A lot of people with my physical condition have trouble doing daily activities or sometimes they do not have insurance coverage. A person with SMA can get a Spinraza injection, which is lifesaving. However, some people still get denied by insurance. The injection is 150,000 dollars per year without insurance.

I’ve opened up my neurodivergence (schizophrenia) to the LGMD group. Surprisingly, many people came forward and talked to me about their own mental health struggles.

Hopefully we’ll have more conversations and I’ll help them to understand more about sz.

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I was talking to my friend the other day who has 2 children, a fiancee, a good job and has an ok life and he told me he would rather be me and said it was ‘all about perspective I suppose’. I found it pretty confusing to be honest.

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I don’t expect Normmies to understand. But I do try to limit my interaction with them. The minute you mention mental healthy, they either bolt or argue with you about something the could know nothing about. I would use a quadruple negative, but too tired. Bleh…

oh absolutely, being a normie is still tough! , they dont get to collect disability , they gotta work hard to make a living. and living is so expensive now

life in general is tough

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I think it’s more a serious flaw of our economic system. Capitalism is about monopoly and more folk have way more than everyone else. It’s just the way it works.

It’s sad everyone is struggling because it’s way more harder for the marginalized like the mentally ill. Healthcare, housing, food. It’s all an added burden on an already struggling sector.

Welcome to the modern world.

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