Do you think i will die?

i hv somewhat low urine out put
i saw urologist yesterday
and i stoped the low dose of ap i am taking becoz he said it the reason of this problem
and taking the urinary medications only
do you think i will die ??
becoz of the low urine output
it is crazy i recover from this problem then the problem back
then recover then it is back
it is like real stupidty agency torture me
please help what to do agaist this stupidity agency ???/!!!
they want kill me
they say talk about us or we kill u
make propaganda about us or we kill you
even if you look crazy even if you lost your job
it still better than we kill you !!!
urologist say it is the AP which cause this urinary problem !!!
lab tests are good but problem stillllll
:cry: :sob: :sob: :sob:

no one here seemingly
no one like to torture becoz of me
psychiatrist too they dont want to treat me too
they dont want to be tortured
hell indeed

may be i reach stability … may be by medications idk
or may be i die and that will be my fate
anyway all i hope that suffer end that all i need

i was about to go to psychiatrist today but i canged my mind
to see if i can go without meds
i really dont need meds
becoz of sidee effects they can kill me

deep breath …
i m good i m fine
i will take urine meds and see how everything go !
sorry for disturbance!!!


Friend you need to talk to your psychiatrist to see if they can help. This surely has a resolution.

I hope this is just a bump in the road for you friend.


Why not ask your psychiatrist if he can change your meds? The doctor said that your medication is causing your urine problem?

لماذا لا تسأل طبيبك النفسي إذا كان يمكنه تغيير أدويتك؟


yes he say so
i said to him can it be hallucination ?
he said no it the AP
i will visit psychiatrist soon i hope
or may be i can manage my life without psychiatrist nd meds
it will be finer of course
idk actually

ممكن جدا اعمل كدة
it is very possible i do this
الله اعلم لسة معرفشى
god only know i dont know yet

زى ماقولتلك
as i said to you
لو قدرت امشى حياتى من غير ادوية يبقى احسن واحسن طبعا
if i managed to go on in my life without meds it will be better and better of course
i hope
@Loke :slight_smile:

whats your opinion if i make arabic lesson for who is interested daily ?? lol


I don’t mind, but make it single thread.

I wouldn’t mind learning what the symbols mean. Its a very pretty written language.


i m busy
j’apprend le français
…indeed :slight_smile:

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بِلمصري ؟. ما عرفة كتيرة
In Egyptian dialect? I don’t know a lot

انت مصري؟

Are you Egyptian?

Each symbol represents a consonant sound. The Arabic “alphabet” is called an abjad. The markings above and below letters tell you what the vowels are as well as other things.

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@saynow it’s a good thing that you are seeing a urologist.

Like the doctor said, it’s your AP thats causing your medical problems.

Talk with your psychiatrist or better yet have the urologist get in touch with your psychiatrist to let him know your medical situation.

You are not dying.

Take care of yourself.


Yeah saynow you’re definitely not dying. Try not to worry just keep in contact with your doctors


yeh i m egyptian indeed


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