Do you take care of your finger/toe nails?

Do you take care of your finger/toe nails?


yes its an ocd thing for me

they have to be short

i cant stand looking at toes either

they discuss me

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Yep. I keep my nails pretty short. Sometimes, I paint them.

i cut my nails but i get ingrown toenail sometimes on my big toes and they hurt. oddly tho my toenails barely grow

Yes I do


Yes, I keep them fairly short, but I don’t paint my nails. I’ve always hated painting my nails.

I went through a short period of time where I would get them manicured and painted, but that didn’t last long. Waste of money.

I keep my nails short.

Usually paint my toe nails,

Rarely paint my finger nails.

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I am like @yoda123

In respect that I have an obsession with keeping my finger nails very short.

I like to paint my nails with glitter paint.


I trim my fingernails frequently. Toenails not quite as much but I always make sure that they are nice and trimmed for doc since she usually checks feet because of diabetes.

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Yes.painted toe and finger nails.

I’m good with keeping them fed and watered, but should take them out for more walks.