My heart goes out to you all

We have all been on our own journey, where no one will truly understand the struggle of one another. We have been through some very dark days, and still we are alive. We’ve been through years of struggles and have produced character from our struggles. My heart goes out to everyone on this form suffering from this illness, and even the family members who have a daughter or son with this illness. My heart hopes that we continue to have strength, and do not build barriers on what we can or can not do even under every circumstance in our life. I hope you find love and peace, and a passion for what you love to do. Keep strong the past is the past, everyday you wake up is a new day to make a change in your life.


Well, I appreciate the sentiment.

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thanks mate.
take care

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Thank you. Exactly what I needed to hear today.:slight_smile:

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Thanks mate. This thread is very inspiring.

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We have been annealed on the anvil.

I was able to combat paranoia by thinking I was a strong samurai and
took up iaido to legally and socially be able to swing a sword.
You practice kata against imaginary enemies.

I used to sign all my posts in the 1990s.
I Have Swords for the fight.

But I never thought of using it on anyone. It would radiate protective rays from my wall rack.
Luckily I got over that when I finally found the med that worked for me (took years)