Do you seem normal when you walk outside?


I don’t look normal walking down the streets. I mean mug alot


I used to just look so sad and miserable a couple of years ago that people would approach me to ask if I was ok cuz I looked so sad. I guess I looked how I felt


Years ago, when i worked at Walmart, there was this guy who also worked there and he always used to ask me “you okay?” every time he saw me. Like every day. Maybe i didn’t look okay, i don’t know.


Whenever I’m out I’m always pissed by how many people look at me, so something must seem off about me.

I do have bright coloured hair. But I also hand flap sometimes and talk to myself when nobody can hear me.


Bowler hat? Check! Cherry wood walking stick? Check! Mismatched sneakers? Check! Stylish trench coat? Check! I make this ■■■■ look good.

Normal is for pussies.



I’m just super slow. I walk like a 90 year old. Even worse now that it is icy. I’m always embarrassed walking in public.


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