Do you remember?

being a kid with your parents, and going through the drive through at the bank,

and all the kids getting Chicklet gum?

exactly how old are you?


Well @Daze I’m just a silly 34 year old but my fun age is about 5. I went through a bank drive thru a few times. I ordered a cheeseburger. They gave me this horrible tasting green crap instead. :slight_smile:


you be funny, don’t eat the money, honey.


They gave us lollipops.

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Thanks sweetums. But to answer your question I don’t remember even getting a lollipop or anything. :slight_smile:

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We got Tootsie rolls. My favorite was those weird peppermint soft chewy candies at Christmas with the Christmas tree in the middle.

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They always gave me these suckers with this nasty tasteless gum inside of them. I would always swallow it whole so that I didn’t have to chew it

I’m 54.

When I was 4-years-old my mom took me to the doctor. People were smoking in the doctor’s waiting room.


I’m 23 and I remember things used to be happy… now days not so much :frowning:

as a small child…
I always remember crying about having to get pregnant like its mandatory.
I remember I had a thing for stickers
I remember looking after my barbie dolls but being scared to play with them in case they break

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