Weirdest reminiscing

When me and my sisters were little kids our parents would take us into Pier One Imports. They had these Chinese candies in a little box with Chinese writing on them. There were 6 candies per box. The outer wrapper was paper but each individual candy was also wrapped in a cellophane wrapper. The cellophane wrapper was edible, you popped the candy in your mouth and the wrapper melted in your mouth and tasted kind of sweet. And as a bonus, each box had a little tiny, toy figure in it. I’ve actually seen this candy as an adult. If you ever see it, try it.The candy tastes quite good. I don’t know what made me think of this but it actually reminds me of an innocent childhood when Cracker Jacks had COOL toys. Not these 1/10 of a cent fake tattoos or a piece of plastic. When Coke came in GLASS bottles. When a Three Musketeers Bar was HUGE. When I could make a roll of Necco Wafers last through a whole movie.


Yeah, I can relate this too.

When users were using floppy disk with 4-color CGA in front of a MS-DOS-based IBM compatible PC XT. Hehe.

Really, we have had the best moments with our parents during childhood. Seems like most of us do.

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One time when I was little I ate eighteen no bake cookies and broke out in a terrible rash. As long as I can remember I’ve always had a strong craving for sugar. I didn’t learn any lessons from my episode with the no bake cookies. Any time I came across a batch of cookies I ate as many as I could.

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