Do you remember napster? did you use it?

There’s also eMule, I think its still used. Its full of viruses though.

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Did use napster. Growing up a bit since then I realize that it was wrong to do so instead of supporting the musicians I liked.

But on the other hand new released cd’s cost like 20$ in my country around the 2000’s, and that is pretty steep for a hard pressed personal economy. I understand why people would fall for that temptation like I did back then.

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Now I use Netflix, Amazon Prime and Spotify, its worth it since we are 3 using the same account.

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I remember when I was a kid, my mother waited three days for the first Harry Potter movie to finish downloading. She wanted to look at it to make sure the quality was alright before showing it to us, and I’m glad she did, because it turned out to be porn


I used lime wire and win mx back in the day


I used Napster, Limewire, Kazaa, and Soulseek.

Now I use Amazon music.

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I used Frostwire and

But now I stream everything.

Sometimes I use bitorrent to get stuff not on Amazon or Netflix.

Not really a loss for the Film industry, as I pay to watch stuff in the cinema anyway.


Used Napster and Limewire. Stopped using them when people were getting sued for $100,000+

Now I’m a Spotify Skunk.

Suppose the next thread you make will be about MySpace? :joy:

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I remember all those crappy file-sharing networks.

Oh, and @ATARI, the “Black” Metallica album was self-named. That is, the album is named “Metallica.”

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Anytime Anyone Named It They Would Always Say ‘The Black Album’.

I Remember The Album Cover, And There Was A Slight Silver Outlined Gray Snake In A Solid Black Void. I Never Really Cared For Metallica Honestly. Not To Say They Weren’t Talented. Jus Never Really Found The Groove.

N e Hoo.

Self Titled…, Cool. . . . . . .


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Napster was illegal because its software allowed people to download copyrighted music (and anyone who did this also committed a crime (possession of copyrighted music that they didn’t pay for)). The same goes for mp3 files. However, if there is no copyright, or even if there is and the musician allows it, it’s legal.

Musicians should get paid for their music.


I used Limewire. Put loads of music on an external hard drive, which broke a few years later. I never had the inclination to download music after that. Luckily I’d uploaded quite a lot to Last fm . That was a great site at first. However several changes made it, to put it bluntly, absolutely crap. I closed the account. Can’t remember when.

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I used it even when it went legit. I paid for some tunes but couldn’t move my collection overseas when I moved. Australia has a different copyright system to the US. I eventually just used itunes and have a pretty good library going there.

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Never really used stuff like that. I didnt want to pirate.

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